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Newcastle, Australia


I fell in love with the mystery and prestige around the ancient craft of blacksmithing through an interest in ancient history, cultures and metalworking.  I try to portray my passion and artistic expression in my pieces so you too can feel the connection to this craft and the maker. If you have never experienced a razor sharp handcrafted knife then you've come to the right place. In Japan they say a sharp knife increases the flavour of food.

The art of forging steel is amazing in itself as it stems back thousands of years. Seeing the colours as the steel heats and the incredible amount of shapes and patterns that can be created has become an obsession for me. Combine that with the whole process afterwards of creating something beautiful and sentimental. It is this process that I wish to share with you because its also important to preserve this ancient craft. As someone who is passionate about the art, know that every single piece will be created with the utmost dedication and love.

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