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Materials and Care

High Carbon Steel

This steel has been used for hundreds of years, most famously in Japan where the high carbon steel was combined with iron and other steels to create patterns. Carbon steel is generally tougher than stainless steels and holds a sharper edge longer. It is a prefered steel amongst chefs because of the ability to be easily sharpened.

- The knife must be wiped dry after each use as it is prone to rusting.

- Do not place in dishwasher or sink, simply rinse under warm water and wipe dry.

- Cutting the onions, garlic and acidic foods last can help. That way you can rinse and wipe immediately.

- Try not to swipe the food over the chopping board with the cutting edge of the knife. 

-If storing for prolonged periods, apply mineral oil or food safe wax.


Carbon steel will naturally develop a patina over time, which is cause by oxidation on the surface of the blade. This may be brown to blue in colour but will not affect the use of the knife. In fact, it is known to enhance corrosion resistance. Many makers and chefs prefer a patina because it gives each knife its own personality. The edge will stay sharp for a time. Though if it starts to blunt, a leather strop will be sufficient to bring the edge back and keep crisp. Though after some time the edge will go dull. When that happens, you can either use Whetstones or fixed angled sharpeners. The stones do take some practice but are worth the time and effort. Don't use steel rods unless you have experience as they are very easy to damage the edge. I recommend using a soft wood cutting board and don't hit the edge too hard as a kitchen knife has been shaped so the edge is very thin.

It sounds like a lot of work but it isn't once you get the hang of it. The more you take care of your tools, the longer they last

Stabilized Wood and Handle Materials

Stabilized wood has been treated in a vacuum with resin to remove any air bubbles and gaps in the wood. This stops shrinking and changes in the structure over time. Micarta and other resin based materials are strong and durable,well suited for outdoors.


Terms and Conditions

Adamas Forge will not be liable for any damages that occur due to misuse. If the fault of the damage is of the makers and can be shown, then I will happily replace the knife. Being handcrafted items each one may slightly differ (materials, colours etc) and although I will always treat a piece as one of my own and strive for perfection, there may be slight cosmetic blemishes from the creation process. Although these may sometimes be noticeable, they will not effect use or longevity. If you are genuinely unhappy with a piece I have created or it does not perform for you, we can discuss an arrangement. Ill happily correct and learn from any mistakes given it is reasonable. Use for the intended use only.


Persons must be 18+ to make a purchase.



Your payment and personal information may be obtained through the websites payment gateway. Square is the gateway used by Adamas Forge.

I will only hold onto your credit card information in the case of a custom knife or deposit. The only information I may keep after purchase is your name, email, phone number as a way for me to stay in touch with you.


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

- Direct Debit

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