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One Day Blacksmithing Class

One Day Blacksmithing Class

One Day Blacksmithing Class


*** Please contact me to arrange a date to suit your schedule ***


*** Max 5 persons per class ***


The blacksmithing class is for those people who are more interested in the history, technique and skill of forging as opposed to making a chef knife. The class will involve a lot of theory and practical knowledge on forging and metalworking as well as the history of such skills.


  • In the class we will go over all the safety and OHS involved with metalworking and blacksmithing to ensure we approach things in a safe manner.
  • Then we will talk about the tools used and get familiar with the process
  • Before and during the forging we will discuss the history of blacksmithing and some of the metallurgy involved.
  • We will then go over the fundamental skills and techniques used in forging metals such as; drawing out, tapering, fullering, drifting and punching.
  • Before commencing our project we will decide on an item to make such as; bottle opener, spoon, fork, insence holder, fire poker etc (if possible let me know before the class so the exact materials can be ready)
  • We will then make our project and learn different finishing techniques depending on the project


If we have the time we can go over some more information or make another small project to take home with you.


There will be very minimal use of power tools, most will be done by hand using the forge and anvil.


During the forging it will get rather warm so appropriate clothes are necessary as well as water to stay hydrated.


What to Bring: Water, enclosed footwear, lunch and adequate clothing (preferably cotton)


Included: Tuition, PPE, materials and consumables, use of tools and instructions, project at end of day


Starting Time:  8:00am - 2pm


Location:  Unit 18/19 - 12 Templar Place, Bennetts Green 2290


Looking forward to seeing you!


If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask. If you were after a specific date that isnt available please contact and we can arrange it. I will add more dates as time goes.


Adamas Forge



  • Terms

    Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advanced for full refund.

    Anyone under the age of 16 will need a parent/guardian present and for safety reasons, having some experience with around tools will help

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